Marsh Bellofram

Marsh Instrument Company was originally established in 1865 in Skokie, Illinois, as the James P. Marsh Company. Marsh was acquired in 1988 by Desco and relocated to Hastings, Nebraska to share operations with Desco’s Marshalltown Instruments. Bellofram initiated what proved to be a five-year program of intensive research and development, to produce a frictionless and leak-proof rolling seal that would handle pressures, temperatures and stroke lengths over an extremely wide range. At the end of the five years, the company had produced a complete line of rolling seal diaphragms for a broad variety of industrial needs. Marsh and Bellofram, sister companies of the Desco Corporation, were combined into Marsh Bellofram in January 1995. Marsh Bellofram Corporation has its headquarters in Newell, West Virginia, about 25 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the northeastern region of the United States