Vac Cubes

Vac Cubes manufactures vacuum cups, vacuum generators, and venturi products for the packaging industry and related fields. Uses also include the Dental and Hospital fields as well as Labeling, Graphics, Lamination, and Stone and Concrete Handling.

Vacuum cups are available in two types - flat cups and bellows cups. Materials include either Neoprene or Silicone.

Silicone is recommended for unique or extreme temperature conditions. Flat Cups are suitable for both light and heavy loads. They are relatively flexible and include reinforcement cleats, which minimizes deformation of the material being lifted, while providing structural support for heavy loads. Bellows Cups compensate where there is an inconsistency in the height of the object being lifted, plus the flexible out-lip conforms to curved or uneven surfaces. When energized with vacuum, the bellows cup contracts on contact providing a lifting motion and possibly eliminating the need for a separate lifting mechanism